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Question on Mahitala

So Thursday, October 24 ‘2013 I attend the 2nd Mahitala Open House at the Rectorate Building

I’ve asked two question yesterday.
• What matters more, is it the process or the result?
• What is the most worst lost from Mahitala and How it effect to the corps?

Process and Result. Its been confusing for many of us also apply to me as well. Fyi, i prefer process better than result. Why? When you rely only on result and it comes up not as expected you will be very disappointed. But if you respect the process, when the result succeed you will be very grateful and appreciate more. And what more important from the process is that you’ll see the things that makes you. Nobody ever said that its gonna be easy and not rough but when you can do it, you have prove that there is nothing you can’t do and since you have prove to yourself the ability and strength you have i think further more everything is not going to be that hard to face. And that is one of the lots I want to achieve from Mahitala.

One of the climber of seven summits answer that in mahitala both of it matters. In the Wondering Seasons, learning and applying what have been learned on the Diklatsar shows that the process are expected to make the freshman ready. After that on a higher level of an Expedition one of the goals is to make new achievement so of course with the hope that there is no more trouble on the process, result is what matters. 👏

I know that i’m remind them of their scars (sorry) but isn’t it not fair if we only know the good things without the bad things? I think its okay, beside showing the balance people have to know in the very first place that even though joining Mahitala could make them made new history like climbing seven summits but remember that all those journey are included with the fact that you could die on the way reaching it. Which means high expectation have high risk too.

And yes after i listened to the story, no matters how excellent the preparation we set, human error can still show up and mess things up. Thats why Diklatsar is so important so the discipline and the safety of how to survive and face the nature is expected to keep you alive.

In my pov, I belive that the victory is just a bonus. What I want to know is the effort that makes you change that makes you believe to reach and achieve. Which is less to have in the now generation that is stuck in the comfort zone and all the technologic they all rely on.

Honestly i don’t know wether i can make it on the Diklatsar or not. I just wanna be tough like my dad and hoping that Mahitala will help me on being one.


My Favorite Couple! 
Long Last Darl <3
June & Yas

best sista evarrr, me and the besttt niji captain!



Had so much fun indeed. Georgeous dennis julio <3


dan sejujurnya disaat seharusnya belajar fisika buat ujian akhir semester yang notabene UAS terakhir di SMA. Gue malah duduk di teras dengan safari yang di hiasi beberapa tab penuh website yang sama sekali gak ada hubungannya sama mata pelajaran yang di ujiankan besok.

Tumblr hot cappuccino gue udah habis dan tumblr hot chocolate gue tinggal setengah. Setengah jam lagi bunda bakal nyuruh gue tidur dan gue bahkan belom review materi. Bahkan gue malah sempet”nya curhat nyampah di social networks yang satu ini. oh anyway gue baru sadar dia kok gak ada suaranya daritadi. Dan ternyata bukannya nemenin gue eh dia malah ketiduran. tapi gue akui dia lebih menawan kalau tidur. xixixi.

Haha beberapa menit lagi gue akan bergerak sepelan mungkin dan berusaha menyelinap masuk ke rumah tanpa membangunkannya. Selamat tidur serigala kw. manja. petakilan. angkuh. rakus. maling sendal. tukang gabrug orang. palang pintu. takut petir. mesin penghancur koran. heart you barker. thanks for companying and listening.

ps: semoga gue kuat belajar fisika instead of cuddling in bed.

As you fly to your paradise.As you run through your lands

No need to wave.Nor tears or shade

will meet again. and greet the pain

double pal &lt;3
heart you pal. i do.

"Nothing Lasts Forever"

It is so easy to see
Dysfunction between you and me
We must free up these tired souls
Before the sadness kills us both

I tried and tried to let you know
I love you but I’m letting go
It may not last but I don’t know
Just don’t know

If you don’t know
Then you can’t care
And you show up
But you’re not there
But I’m waiting
And you want to
Still afraid that I will desert you

With every worthless word we get more far away
The distance between us makes it so hard to stay
But nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe
It hurts but it may be the only way

A bed that’s warm with memories
Can heal us temporarily
But misbehaving only makes
The ditch between us so damn deep

Built a wall around my heart
I’ll never let it fall apart
Strangely I wish secretly
It would fall down while I’m asleep

If you don’t know
Then you can’t care
And you show up
But you’re not there
But I’m waiting
And you want to
Still afraid that I will desert you, babe

With every worthless word we get more far away
The distance between us makes it so hard to stay
But nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe
It hurts but it may be the only way

Though we have not hit the ground
It doesn’t mean we’re not still falling,
Oh I want so bad to pick you up
But you’re still too reluctant to accept my help
What a shame, I hope you find somewhere to place the blame
But until then the fact remains

Breaking in honesty.

it hurts but it may be the only way


hey you

How does it feels? Flirting with my close friend

Honestly from all the girls in this city, why it should be her?

Jealous? not really. More precisely disappointed.

hahaha I still think our relationship is unique but complicated indeed. If we are destined to be together or other ways as a couple for sure we've maybe been bound since second grade or maybe even from 1st grade. Since when do we get close, I do not remember but its still fresh in my mind since when everything changed and felt so awkward

So how to describe our relation.. hmm a satnight hangout partner , more than friends but not couple. I’m not even sure i really have special feelings on you anyway. cause we are always and too often together i somehow felt that i knew you too well. From your expression till your behavior. that’s maybe why we don’t attach our self in a serious relation. connected but free. it was too cozy isn’t it? yeah till suddenly you’re tight in a relation with that new kid. It’s not that i’m jealous. You know that i always support you everytime you’re approaching girls you like. Its that you don’t tell me, you keep it your self instead telling or explaining me something. Than you start disappearing and vanish away. Well ok, I let you go didn’t I ? I even congratulation you on twitter. I never disturb you guys. But you don’t even care. You hide me from her. also hide me from your world. Why? i felt so ignored with non sense reason.

I do not know since when you crawl into the position of most people i want to avoid. oh maybe since after you broke up you hope i will welcome you with open arms and we could be like we used to be. or since you date my close friends but dislike everytime i’m near with someone else

You selfish. and it was always like this. You're with someone else but you want me always to be there for you. Now when I want to move on and start a new page of life, why are you there withstand and hold back me? Not allowing me to go. You’re not the only one who wants to be happy so stop being an obstacle

Have you heard, you should play guitar not people feelings. cause i’m tired of you

Remember the last time you ask me out. You was so sharp that night. I wonder is there anything special and instead answering you left a smile. Our dinner was fun its like there’s always topic to talk about, and your jokes and laughter are hypnotizing. Too bad i fell a sleep while the movies roll. and its eve but we’re still out. Oh and dont you know, i got punished for a week for coming home at 2 o’clock. Yeah we just enjoy too much. But to bad i didn’t know it was our last night walks.

oh damn i miss those moments. but i dont miss you.

anyway why i’m even telling this. *rolling eyes*

but somewhere deep in my heart. i’m happy for you and her. cause since i knew you both well, i believe you guys would make a good couple. A happy funny filled with laughter and jokes wrapped with kindness and understanding also tolarance and most of all trust.

so here’s the deal. i wish you a happy couple wish and you guys wish me my happyness. Easy right? than if we agree, i’m sorry for my words, my thought and my bahavior. But if we dont than fuuuu you! i’ll send adolf to hunt you down!

Heal and how special He is

Seekor kucing kurus kerontang, berdebu, dekil, bermata sayu dengan pita suara yang hampir tidak berfungsi. Itu lah ‘heal’ di hari pertama aku melihatnya, menemukannya di depan pintu rumah tergeletak kelaparan menunggu pertolongan dan keajaiban.

Heal kehilangan kepekaan indera penciuman juga kemampuan untuk mencerna makanan akibat kelaparan yang berkepanjangan. Beberapa minggu pertama, dia cuma bisa makan roti dan air. Selanjutnya dia mulai mau makan biskuit kucing dan sekarang dia sudah mau mengunyah ayam yang di suwir atau pepes ikan lembut. Walaupun begitu, makanan favoritnya tetaplah roti.  dan terkadang apabila terlalu sulit mengunyah makanan yang tersedia, ia hanya akan menyerap sari-sarinya dan memuntahkan sisanya. Sayangnya indera penciumannya sampai sekarang masih lemah sehingga ia hanya bisa membaui makanan apabila didekatkan ke hidungnya.

Heal sangat spesial. Ia akan masuk hanya apabila di persilahkan dan di suruh masuk. Apabila kita memanggilnya, dia akan datang. Begitu pun bila di suruh duduk, diam, bergeser atau pergi. Hanya dengan suara dan kata-kata tanpa sentuhan apalagi sapu dia akan melakukannya. Akan tetapi yang paling aneh dari heal adalah dia seperti mereplikasi ayah. Bukan dalam hal yang macam-macam. Singkatnya ayah sedang sakit. dan begitu pula Heal. Heal sering batuk, bersin, terlihat mual, lemah, mudah kecapean dan memilih-milih makanan. Tepat seperti kondisi ayah. kadang heal akan duduk di samping kaki ranjang ayah atau di depan pintu kamar hanya termenung seolah sedang menemaninya. 

Sekarang kesehatan heal membaik sama seperti kesehatan ayah. Heal sudah mulai bisa bersuara, tulang pinggulnya pun sudah tidak terlihat lagi, ia mulai mau berlari dengan mata berbinar antusias. Batuknya mulai berkurang dan ia terlihat lebih sehat berisi.

Satu hal lagi yang membuat heal spesial adalah. Dia satu-satunya kucing yang mau menerima kehadiranku tanpa protes. Kucing yang aku dekati biasanya akan berlari atau mendesis. Tapi heal tidak. Dia tidak pernah keberatan dengan perhatianku yang kebanyakan tercurah pada hewan berkaki empat yang menggonggong. Heal menghargai itu. Walaupun aku belom mandi dan mencuci tangan dengan tanah, ia akan tetap mendekat ketika aku panggil. Tidak menolak ketika dipeluk atau di elus. hahaha siapa sangka hewan memiliki toleransi.

Heal sedang menatapku saat ini. Dan sebelum dia duduk (lagi) di atas keyboard aku berterima kasih pada tuhan karena telah mengirimnya dan membiarkan kami merawatnya hingga kini dan nanti. Aku sangat menyayanginya. Aku harap dia lebih cepat sembuh lagi, begitu pun dengan ayah. Amin